Service Alert – May 2023

In an effort to ensure you’re aware of any service disruptions that may impact your business, please see the postal and carrier alerts and updates around the globe. We will regularly update you with continuing news and information as we receive it to keep your operations informed.



Blocking Handling of Trucks Causing Highway Congestion through May 19: Media sources on May 17 report significant traffic congestion on the A93 Highway due to block handling of trucks at the Austrian border. Queues of traffic can reach 27 km, extending as far as the A8 Highway near Rosenheim. Block handling measures began on May 15 and are scheduled through May 19. Increased traffic congestion and road traffic disruption is likely on the A93 and A8 Highways, in addition to nearby local roads, during this period.



Due to extreme weather conditions, we are experiencing delays in the delivery of mail and parcels to Italy.

Forli, Ancona, Bologna, Cesena, Ravenna, Feanza, Modena, and Pesaro Urbino are the most affected areas.

Expected delays: 1-5 days



Due to transportation issues within the Mexican post network at the airport and backlogs created by the closure of the airport on 20 May, we are experiencing delays in the delivery of mail and parcels to Mexico.

Expected delays: 1-2 weeks