Service Alert – Nov 2023

In an effort to ensure you’re aware of any service disruptions that may impact your business, please see the postal and carrier alerts and updates around the globe. We will regularly update you with continuing news and information as we receive it to keep your operations informed.



Due to a strike in Italy on Friday November 17th, we are expecting delays in the delivery of mail and parcels in Italy the following week.



Mail and parcels to certain areas in France are expected to be delayed due to floodings. The following postal codes are affected: 59116, 59270-59299, 59670-59285, 59114-59181, 59173-59232, 59189-59660, 62650-62560, 62990-62170, 62180-62600, 62570-62575, 62380-62570, 62500-62510, 62136-62350, 62120-62360, 62179-62910.



Flooding reported across Ireland following passage of Storm Debi: Media sources on November 13 indicated severe flooding in multiple parts of Ireland following the passage of Storm Debi. Among the areas most affected were Galway City, Oranmore, Athlone, Longford, Mullingar, Cavan, Drogheda and the northern parts of Dublin County. Strong winds have caused trees to fall over leading to road closures. Business and transportation disruptions are likely until the situation improves.



Due to floodings in Tuscany, please expect delays in the delivery of mail and parcels to this area in Italy since the 3rd of November.



Postal delivery operations face disruptions due to IT issues: Intelligence received by Everstream Analytics on November 9 reported that Bpost, the postal operator of Belgium has indicated disruptions to its IT systems. Thus, the transmission of delivery events has been disrupted nationwide, since the morning of November 8. No timeline has been immediately disclosed as to when the postal operations are expected to return to normal.




Israel Post would like to inform you that, as a result of the ongoing conflict and severe military situation in Israel, it is currently unable to deliver postal items to, or receive them from, the Gaza Strip.


Therefore, there will be no postal exchanges with the Gaza Strip until further notice.




Royal Mail continues to dispatch export mails for all subclasses utilizing international mail processing center (IMPC) codes GBLALE and GBATHA through the UPU Postal Technology Centre’s IPS Cloud solution. Outbound dispatches are still being delayed and tracking elements impacted owing to the fact that the Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre (HWDC) is not currently fully operational.


Import letter-post volumes to the UK are being subjected to continued delays, which is negatively affecting quality of service owing to the need to use contingency operational sites, processes and routings in the UK to mitigate the lack of processing capability at the HWDC import office of exchange.


Clearance delays should be expected.