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South America Holidays 2022: Mark Your Calendar & Get Ready for the Busiest Time of the Year

The holiday season is the busiest shopping time of the year, and e-commerce US brands interested in the South American market can use this time to boost sales and brand awareness.   

In South America, countries such as Brazil, Chile and Argentina during the holiday season in spring from September to summer from December, which is different from the northern atmosphere. Please take note of this, as the products offered this time are other due to the southern atmosphere not being in winter.   

Mark your calendars for the critical retail holidays, and do not forget to check our blog, “6 Tips to Prepare Your E-commerce Store for Holiday Season,” for additional tips to get ready to take on the South American market.   

Holidays in Brazil, Chile and Argentina 


25th Black Friday: It is a celebration in the USA, which has been well established in these three countries. Now, consumers wait for this day to buy their most desired items at lower prices. They search the web for offers and special bundles. This is great for US brands that want to capitalize on this market.   

28th Cyber Monday: This holiday is the same as in the US. It is only for online shops, and Brazilians, Argentinians and Chileans consumers are well aware of it and expect to find discounts from brands over the Internet.   


24th Christmas eve: Christmas is the most profitable time for online and offline businesses. As these three countries are located in the south, this is the beginning of summer. It is essential to consider this, as the products sold during this season must be for summertime. On this day, they have their big dinner at night, and the party can last until the following day.  

25th Christmas day: On this day, children open their gifts. It is time to spend time with the family and relax. 

31st New Year’s Eve: This day is to celebrate with loved ones, and most Brazilians, Argentinians and Chileans go to the beach as is summertime. Businesses should start getting ready for the summer sale that comes in January.  


1st New Year’s Day: A day to relax. Most people stay at home or visit relatives to wish them a happy New Year. 

7th – 13th Summer sale: January sales begin immediately after Dia de Reyes. Here is the time for brands to push sales by promoting summer items and new products that look towards starting a great new year.   

In addition to the holidays mentioned, do not forget the following, which are specific to each country. And they are important for brands to boost their sales this holiday season.   




12th Children’s Day: This is a perfect holiday for businesses. It is the time when they try out the market to see how the end of the year economy will be for the Christmas season. Some schools give the children a week of vacation and usually receive gifts from their parents and other loved ones. Brands should have deals on items from toys to apparel. 




6th Dia de Reyes Magos (Wisemen’s Day): This day is celebrated by children leaving a letter or shoe to receive gifts, and then families have a special bread called “Rosca de Reyes.” For this holiday, the presents are for children.  




16th Mother’s Day: Even though the date differs from the one in the USA, the celebration is similar. This day is to give gifts to mothers and celebrate them. Brands should focus on promoting products for moms.  

31st to 2nd November Cyber Monday: This day is similar to the USA, but the difference in Argentina is that it extends until around the 2nd of November, as the government looks to promote online shopping. This can be an opportunity for US brands to have more time to push and boost sales in this market.  


6th Día de Los Reyes Magos (Wisemen’s Day): This day is celebrated by children leaving a letter or shoe to receive gifts. Then families usually gather for lunch and in the evening have a special bread called “Rosca de Reyes.” For this holiday, the presents are for children, so they are the primary market to focus on. 


Be ready for these holidays in 2022! Mark your team’s calendar and be prepared to offer your international customers in South America the best possible shopping experience. From marketing to logistics, we suggest you be prepared 100%.   

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Let us help you succeed in these holidays! Contact us now and start selling to the South American market.   

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